Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)


Men do get urinary tract infection (UTI); although it is not a common as women. Read Women’s UTI.

To talk about it, lets try and understand the urinary system first.

Male Urinary system

The urinary tract have two kidneys, two ureters, the bladder and the urethra.
Consider it as your pipeline or water works !

Each of them has their own function.

The Kidneys – Make the urine. They clean the blood and remove waste products in the form of urine.

The Ureters – Are long tubes attached to the kidneys which carry urine to the bladder The Bladder – Collects and holds the urine until it leaves the body.

The Urethra – The opening where urine leaves the body


So how does one person gets UTI ?

Well, Some groups of people are more prone to getting UTI’ s than others.

Especially if you have :

  1. An enlarged prostate
  2. Narrowing of the urethra (urethral stricture)
  3. Kidney or bladder stones.
  4. Not being able to control when you urinate (incontinence)
  5. Urinary catheters (a permanent tube in the urethra which drains the urine away from the bladder).
  6. Not being circumcised
  7. Anal intercourse
  8. Previous urinary tract infection.

causes of uti

But How will you know if you have Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)?

Well, symptoms of UTI are really obvious especially when you notice there is something wrong with your water works!

The most common symptoms are :

  1. Frequency: Passing urine (wee) more often than usual
  2. Dysuria: Burning pain when passing urine
  3. Urgency: Feeling the need to pass urine immediately
  4. Haematuria: Blood in your urine
  5. Nocturia: Needing to pass urine in the night
  6. Suprapubic pain: Pain in your lower tummy


To confirm UTI , it can be checked by your doctor by taking a sample of urine for a simple urine test in the clinic.

If you have had several UTI’ s in a short period of time, your doctor or specialist nurse may send you for a kidney ultrasound scan to check for any abnormalities within the kidneys, which may be causing the recurrent infections.

Your doctor may also refer you to the specialist for a flexible cystoscopy (camera test of the bladder) to check inside the bladder for any abnormalities.

Thankfully to treat UTI , all you would need is oral antibiotics!

Antibiotic is a medicine that kills the bacteria that cause the infection.

Your doctor will tell you how long you need to take the medicine .

You have to remember to complete your medicine, even if you feel better .

Of course prevention is better than cure.

There are things you can do to prevent UTI too :

1.) Stay Hydrated

2.) Urinate when you need to. Don’t hold it.. This expels germs from the urethra.

3.) If you are uncircumcised, clean the foreskin often so bacteria doesn’t get trapped and enter the urinary tract.

4.) When having sex, Pass urine as soon as possible afterwards.

5.) Maintain good hygiene before and after sex

6.) Having safe sex, by using condoms


Do you know that Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is more common in women than men?

The longer male urethra protects against the transfer of bacteria to the bladder as compared to shorter female urethra.

Also, the prostatic fluid has antibacterial action!


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