Foreskin problem: Phimosis (Tight Foreskin). An unusually tight foreskin that cannot be drawn back from the head of the penis.

Phimosis is a medical term for tight foreskin.

It is a constriction of the opening of the foreskin that – it can’t be drawn back over the tip of the penis.

A simple way to find out if you suffer from phimosis (tight foreskin) or not is to try to pull the foreskin all the way down until you can see the whole head of the penis.

Can you do that? If you cannot, you may be suffering from Phimosis (Tight Foreskin issues).

VERY IMPORTANT – pull your foreskin back to its original position to cover the head of the penis immediately!

If not you may get paraphimosis

Some people are naturally born with tight foreskins.

However, some people develop phimosis when they are adults.

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So what causes phimosis / tight foreskin?

If you have an infection of the foreskin. This is more commonly seen in people who suffer from Diabetes.

If you have an injury or scarring of the foreskin.

If you have a short penile frenulum.

But how would you know if you have phimosis?

A simple way to find out is just to try to pull your foreskin all the way back until you see the whole head of the penis. If you cannot do this or if it hurts to do this, you likely suffer from phimosis (tight foreskin).

Please remember to pull the foreskin forward back to its original position after this test or you may get paraphimosis!

Other symptoms that can suggest phimosis include:

You may experience bulging of the foreskin during urination.

For some, it becomes obvious when you have pain when having an erection or having sex.


What could happen to you if you have phimosis (Tight foreskin)?

The tightness of the foreskin may interfere with the normal passage of urine.

In severe cases, this may cause retention of urine and urine infection.

It also increases the risk of infections of the foreskin and head of the penis.

This problem is especially severe in people with Diabetes.

Also , it may cause pain during sex.

If you have phimosis Tight Foreskin, using a condom during sexual intercourse may make the penis more comfortable .

However, treatment of phimosis (Tight foreskin) depends on the cause.

Your doctor may give you antibiotics if the swabs done showed signs of infection.

Your doctor may also give you a cream for application.

Sometimes, phimosis (tightness of foreskin) can be treated simply by stretching the foreskin. Sometimes, doctors will prescribe a cream to help the foreskin stretch.

If the problem is severe and stretching does not help or if the foreskin is badly scarred, the patient may need a circumcision. This is a surgical procedure where the foreskin is removed.

Circumcision is available at DTAP clinic, Somerset (Singapore Adult Circumcision Clinic).

Frenulum Breve causing Phimosis

In some patients, it is not the foreskin that is tight but the little piece of skin attaching the foreskin to the head of the penis that is too short.

This little bridge of skin is called the frenulum. And when the frenulum is too short, the condition is called Frenulum Breve.

Sometimes, the foreskin cannot be pulled all the way back because of the tight frenulum. Or during an erection, the tight frenulum pulls the head of the penis downwards.

This problem is very easily solved by just releasing the frenulum from the head of the penis.

This is a very simple procedure done in 15 minutes under local anaesthesia.

This Frenulum Breve Treatment is available at DTAP clinic at Novena.

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