Testosterone booster, pills and injections

Testosterone plays a very important part of a man’s day to day life. Not only does it affect issues such as fertility but it is also responsible for energy levels, sex-drive, and even Erectile Dysfunction.

Most guys believe that testosterone levels should remain static as we age. After all, a manly man stays macho and full of strength right? Sadly, no. Men will undergo something very similar to the menopause which occurs in women. For men it is known as the andropause.

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Signs of low testosterone.

Dropping energy levels, lower sexual desire and reduced sexual function are all signs that your testosterone may be low. Usually, this starts to happen in men in their 40s but it can happen in your 30s or it may not happen until later in life. It varies for everyone. But once you start noticing these symptoms you can always approach a doctor and he or she can find out whether your testosterone really is low.

How is it investigated?

Initial history is very important as we identify the exact symptoms you have been experiencing. But after that we can confirm it with blood tests. The most important is a total testosterone level as this tells us whether it is low or not. Other supplementary tests which can help include protein tests as well as other hormone test such as estradiol (the female hormone). Once your doctor has this information he or she can tell if testosterone is low or not.

If testosterone replacement therapy is needed then additional blood tests are needed in order to ensure it is safe to start.

Testosterone replacement therapy?

Essentially this involves introducing external testosterone into your body so that the levels are boosted. 3 methods can be used involving tablets, topical gels or even injections.

Tablets (Andriol) – taken 1 to 2 times per day. They have to be taken with an oily meal in order to be absorbed fully.

Gels (Androgel) – applied onto the shoulders, abdomen and lower back once a day. The gel dries quickly and does not leave a smell. Be careful to wash your hands after application in order not to spread the gel on someone else.

Injections (Nebido, Depo-Testosterone, Deca-Durabolin, Sustanon etc) – various injections exists. Some are given once every 3 months, some once every 3 weeks and some weekly. You might experience dull ache at the injection site for up to a day after the injection.

Other medicines such as Clomid, Aromatase Inhibitors etc may also be given to support the therapy.


When will I feel the gains?

This can vary from man to man but some can experience positive effects very soon after starting treatment. Some men require several months to build up a steady level in their system. So it varies, but don’t be disheartened if you do not notice immediate effects.

What to do now?

If you think you may be suffering from symptoms of low Testosterone or would like Testosterone medication, simply visit our Partner’s clinics.


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