Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

Although premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED) represent two different entities they often are seen together which is why we will consider them together during this introductory article.

Ejaculation is defined as reaching orgasm and ejaculating earlier than you desire. This also includes being unable to physically or mentally delay ejaculation during sex. It is important to note here that many men believe they have PE because they climax after a few minutes of having sex but the actual average time from penetrating the vagina to ejaculation is around 5 minutes. This may seem surprising and you may wonder why some men say they can go for hours before ejaculating but they are not the norm. Remember 5 minutes is normal.

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However, if you are experiencing markedly shorter duration or you have noticed your norm has decreased over time then you truly may have premature ejaculation. There are several ways to try and combat this ranging from thought exercises to medication. Thought exercises aiming to gain control of your ejaculation can be helpful but require considerable willpower but this is often tried first as it doesn’t require medication and is not invasive. Should this fail, medication that delays ejaculation can be considered. Trials have shown that the right medicine can increase your penetration to ejaculation time by as much as 50%.

Often PE is seen in conjunction with ED. This is defined as difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection. There are often many reasons for this to occur but the large majority comes down to psychological health, namely stress and anxiety. It is often a vicious cycle because ED itself can cause more stress and anxiety leading to worsening of the problem. Again though exercises may help with mitigating potential stress or anxiety factors but should that fail medication like viagra may be used to help strengthen your erections.

If this medication fails then it may be useful considering Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy or ESWT. This involves using soundwaves to increase the number and quality of blood vessels in the body of the penis to increase the strength of erections.

Additional treatment options involve injections into the penis itself that can help strengthen erection. Even surgery can also be considered as well in the most resistant cases.

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