Peyronie’s Disease (Bent Penis or Curved Penis) is a penis disorder that result painful erection due to abnormal curvature of the penis.

What is Peyronie’s Disease (Bent Curved Penis)?

Peyronie’s Disease (Bent or Curved Penis) is an abnormal curvature of the penis. Often it is only obvious during an erection.

This should not be confused with the penis pointing to one side. It is quite common and normal for the penis to point slightly to the left or right when erect. Not everybody will have a penis that points directly up or directly straight. However, if there is an actual curve of bend in the shaft of the penis, this is not normal.

Peyronie’s Disease is a common problem affecting men and commonly seen in men between the ages of 40 and 70 years old. It is estimated that between 3% to 8% of men suffer from Peyronie disease.

Aside from looking abnormal, Peyronie Disease can also cause problems with getting an erection. Many patients with Peyronie’s Disease either cannot get a fully hard erection or they lose their erections quickly. In the early stages, erections can even be painful.

If the penis is too bent, the patient may not even be able to have penetrative sex. Can you imagine trying to have sex when the penis is pointing 90˚ to one side?

We still do not exactly know what causes Peyronie’s Disease.

Electro-ShockWave Treatment For Peyronie’s Disease (Bend Curved Penis)

Electro-Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT) for bent or curved penis delivers shockwaves into the plaque and breaks it down. This is the same technology that is used to break up kidney stones. So if the shockwave can break up stones, imagine what it can do to the plaque!

Each ESWT for Peyronie Disease treatment session lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. There is no special preparation necessary and there is no downtime either. Patients are up and walking normally immediately after the treatment. There is also no pain after the treatment.

Commonly, patients need 6 to 12 treatment sessions. Improvement can usually be seen after the 6th session.

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