What is the use of Nebido (Testosterone Injection)?

Treatment of low testosterone is aimed at restoring the normal level of testosterone to improve wellbeing, sexual function, quality of life and to prevent development of osteoporosis.

There are now several preparations of testosterone available, which includes intramascular injection : Nebido .

Nebido contains testosterone and is injected into a muscle in your body.

There it can be stored and gradually released over a period of time.

Nebido and Doctor’s Instruction?

Before starting medication , do let your doctor know if you have any other medical problems .

Tell your doctor if you are using or have recently used or might use any other medicines, including medicines obtained without a prescription.

If you are planning to have a baby, inform for advice before taking this medicine.

Before your doctor injects Nebido your doctor will need to examine you to check that you do not have prostate cancer.

Your doctor would be performing blood checks before and during treatment.

Your doctor will inject Nebido very slowly into a muscle.

Your doctor may give you the second and subsequent injection depending on your symptoms and testosterone levels.

Your doctor will measure your testosterone levels regularly at the end of an injection interval to make sure it is at the right level.

This is enough to maintain sufficient testosterone levels without leading to a build-up of testosterone in the blood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I take alcohol when I am taking Nebido?

Yes of course, Intake of alcoholic drinks has no influence on how the drug works


Can I use Nebido for purpose of body building ?

No. Nebido is not suitable for building muscles in healthy individuals or for increasing physical strength. Also, Nebido might lead to positive results in drug tests.


What are the side effects of taking Nebido?

Like all medicines, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

The most common side effects are : acne and pain where the injection is given.

Uncommon side effects includes: allergic reaction, painful testicles, painful erections (priapism).

You should talk to your doctor is you are having these side effects when taking Nebido.


What are the risk of taking Nebido?

Male hormones may increase the growth of prostate cancer and enlarged prostate glands (benign prostatic hypertrophy). That is why before your doctor injects Nebido, they will need to examine you to check that you do not have prostate cancer. Your doctor will also take regular blood samples.


What happens if I miss by appointment for Nebido injection ?

Your optimum level of testosterone will not be maintained if you miss your next dose of injection .

It is advisable that you do not miss your injection appointment


How long can I use it?

There is no time limit for treatment but regular monitoring should be performed by your Doctor when administering Nebido.


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