Men's Health and Hair Loss

Partners of those with hair loss are also affected with over 10% feeling embarrassed to introduce their partner to friends and family.

There are many reasons that people experience hair loss. Medically hair loss can be classified into different categories;

Male Pattern Baldness – Often considered a family trait but has associations with higher levels of testosterone as well. Typically the hairline and crown are affected first with the sides and back of the head spared until the end.  

Telogen effluvium — This is where hair loss starts 2-3 months after a person has experienced serious body stress, which can be as a result of critical illness, major surgery or severe infection. This is a self-limiting issues, which means that no treatment is necessary and things will return to normal after a period of time.

Side effect of medication — after taking certain medication, men in Singapore have reported hair loss as a side effect. A number of medications especially those used in chemotherapy, such as doxorubicin, can cause hair loss .

Symptom of a medical illness — certain conditions, such as secondary syphilis, sex hormone imbalance, nutritional problems or a thyroid disorder, can cause hair loss. Once the underlying issue is treated, the issue resolves.

Tinea capitis – This is where the scalp develops a fungal infection. Typically people will experience patchy hair loss. Again, once the fungal infection is treated then the issue should resolve.

Traumatic alopecia — hair loss may also be a result of techniques used in hairdressing that involves pulling or exposing hair to extreme heat, twisting and strong chemicals.

Alopecia Areata – this typically appears as a single area of hair loss on the head. This can be helped with steroid therapy but often resolves on its own. No cause is known. Sometimes the patches may be multiple and coalesce into a larger area.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Normally a man will lose between 50 -100 scalp hairs each day. In the event that it this number appears to be exceeded (excess hair own your pillow , on your comb/hairbrush, in the sink or shower, or even on the floor) visible signs of hair loss may be seen.


Doctors in Singapore diagnose most of the causes of hair loss among men mostly based on their medical history, medication they use, nutritional status, hairdressing habits and general physical examination. A laboratory test is done if the doctor suspects a fungal infection of the scalp. In the case of a suspected medical illness blood tests can be done.

Expected Duration of Hair Loss

In some cases hair loss can be prevented by reducing stress, leading a healthy lifestyle and considering proper hairdressing techniques. Keeping hair clean and reducing the sharing of combs and brushes can reduce the chance of infection. If your hair loss is from a hereditary-pattern you can consider medication.

When Hair Loss is As a result Of;

  • Drug side effects- discontinue the medication and seek an alternative.
  • From chemical exposure- Limit any form chemical exposure to stop hair loss.
  • As a result of poor diet/illness- adopt a healthy diet and seek treatment of the medical condition

Many men in Singapore that have hereditary-pattern baldness are seeking treatment for hair loss. Doctors are using; hair transplants, scalp-reduction surgery or Rogaine with varying degrees of success.

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