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Dr Tan and Partners is a group of medical clinics that offers various health services, which includes men’s health. High quality medical services are offered by the experienced doctors working within the medical centres. These doctors include Dr.Tan and Dr Justin Sii.

Dr.Tan is one of the best men’s health doctor Singapore has. In 2001, he graduated from the National University of Singapore. He has many achievements including Certificate in Men’s Health, Advance Botox Certificate, Certificate in Surgical Hair Transplant, Certificate in Clinical Dermatology and Certificate of Competency for Dermal Fillers. Dr.Tan has gained a lot of experience from his previous work in both the public and the private sector. His experience and skilfulness has made him one of the most sought after doctors as many people value his medical opinions. He has worked in two large public hospitals namely Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Tock Seng Hospital. During an outbreak of Sars, he was one of the doctors included in the SARS taskforce in the Singapore General Hospital. He catered to patients who were suspected to have contracted SARS. He has worked in additional medical institutions including National Skin center, National Eye Center and National Heart Center. In 2005, he set up Robertson Medical Practice where he continued offering his medical services to many people. Before setting it up, he had focused on Pediatric care in Thomson Medical Center. Dr.Tan is also active in speaking to corporations and the general public about various health topics which are of great benefit to the audience. He always keeps track of new information in the medical industry and attends various international medical conferences.


Dr. Sii Sik Liong
Dr Sii graduated with the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, and was one of the top graduates from St George’s University of London.  He also holds the postgraduate qualification of the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP, UK).

Dr Sii spent some years in London working and gaining valuable experience in different London hospitals, and practised a wide range of specialties including Primary Care, Dermatology, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and General Surgery. After moving to Singapore, Dr Sii was selected to join the Internal Medicine Residency Programme, a national training programme designed to train and produce the best physicians in Singapore. He completed training in an extensive list of specialties including Dermatology, Infectious Disease, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Respiratory, Internal Medicine, Intensive Care, Neurology and Emergency Medicine in various hospitals in Singapore.

Dr Sii is an experienced doctor in the field of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. He is fully accredited in aesthetic procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox and laser treatment. He has attended numerous Dermatology courses and conferences around Asia, Europe, and the UK, and has been actively involved in dermatology researches and studies, as well as education throughout his working years.

Dr Sii has gained tremendous experience in Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Sexual Health from his years of working in the Infectious Disease department, and has managed a large number of patients with sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr Sii’s consistent holistic and friendly approach to his patients has earned him numerous compliments throughout the years, and he will continue to improve to produce better care and treatment for his patients.


Contact Details:

Dr Tan and Partners @Novena
Telephone:  +65 6397 2095

Dr Tan and Partners@ Robertson
Telephone: 6238 7810

Dr Tan and Partners @Scotts
Telephone:+65 6694 2348

Dr Tan and Partners @Somerset
Telephone: +65 6262 0762



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