Men have different daily nutritional needs compared to women and so a well balanced diet for men will often be quite different to that for women. While deciding upon a good diet plan it is important to note there should be a balance between the various forms of food. A healthy diet should allow you to maintain a healthy weight and yet provide enough nutrients for daily energy requirements. Naturally those who are more active will require a slightly higher intake than those who remain less active.

Below are some useful guidelines about a men’s health diet plan.

Guideline Daily Amounts

The nutritional needs of any person will vary depending on age, body size and activity levels. For this reason, getting initial advice from a dietician to determine a good meal plan for you can be very important. Of course most men can decide upon a meal plan themselves first, trial for several months, then determine the overall success. If the improvement is not quite as expected then a dietician can be consulted later. If you are either under or overweight then the aim will be to alter your diet to get to the ideal weight first. Once that is achieved, diet may need to be altered again to help maintain that weight.


Having a protein rich breakfast is an excellent way to gear up your metabolism. This is especially more so if you follow an exercise regimen first thing in the morning. A protein breakfast promotes muscle recovery and repair. Eggs are an excellent choice as they can provide a good balance of healthy fat and high quality protein. Other options include fish such as haddock or salmon, lean meat and low-fat dairy foods. Protein food keep you feeling fuller for longer as they slow the stomach emptying process. This also means that you tend to eat or binge less for the remaining part of the day.

Mid-morning snacks

In order to maintain balanced energy levels, it is important to eat well during the mornings. Ideally eating smaller amounts but often is the way to go. Snack responsibly to make sure that you get your regular supply of energy. Fruits are ideal here.


For lunch have a nice mix of starchy carbohydrates and lean protein. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates supply you with energy so that you do not experience mid-afternoon slumps. It is important to choose complex carbohydrate-rich foods that raise your blood sugar levels steadily. Quick energy release food which are usually made from process simple sugars or fats are not so good here as you get the initial energy boost but you quickly hit a slump after that and can often feel hungry again.  Choose high fibre whole grains like whole wheat, rye and barley to manage afternoon munchies.


Besides having carbohydrate-rich foods for dinner, combine them with some healthy essential oils that can be used for the purpose of growth and repair throughout the night. Oily fish such as trout, salmon and mackerel can provide you with such oils. Seeds and nuts are also a very good source of essential oils.


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