Dr. Matthew Tan

MBBS (Australia)

Dr Matthew Tan graduated from the University of Sydney in 2015. Having been awarded the Ministry of Health Pre-Employment Grant, Matthew returned to Singapore and worked at the 2 major tertiary institutes in Singapore – Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and the National University Health System (NUHS). 

While at SGH, Matthew rotated through a range of medical and surgical sub-specialties including General Pediatrics, Pediatric Oncology, Internal Medicine, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Breast Surgery and Trauma Surgery. 

In 2017, he moved to the Department of Pediatric Surgery at NUHS where he was part of the team caring for children with a wide range of medical conditions ranging from urological problems to congenital defects. He was also actively involved in the Pediatric Liver Transplant Programme. Following his time in Pediatric Surgery, Matthew then joined the Emergency Department to gain more experience in the care of acute and chronic conditions in adults. 

Having obtained a Honours Degree in Life Sciences from the National University of Singapore. Matthew has a keen interest in medical research and keeps up-to-date with the latest cutting edge developments in patient care. He is also the author of several articles in science and medical academic journals and has presented his work at local and international medical conferences. 

Matthew is an avid advocate for the accessibility and inclusivity of health care. He firmly believes that every person should be given the chance to understand their medical conditions and work together with their doctors to achieve their health goals.

Dr. Matthew Tan is currently practising at our Raffles Place clinic.